Diversity & Social Justice Education Programs offers several courses jointly with two academic departments here at Illinois. These courses uniquely fall into two different categories. One category allows students to actively participate in learning about social justice issues and the second category is our facilitation training series.


EPSY 203: Social Issues Group Dialogue

Our social justice issues dialogue course and exploring cultural diversity offered jointly with the Educational Psychology department. These courses, which may be taken for 1 credit hour are offered for 7 weeks during the second-half of the semester. Dialogue courses have both academic and experiential components. They are face-to-face or virtual meetings that introduce students to various aspects of the group identities under consideration. Students are encouraged to bring their personal experiences and perspectives to the courses at the same time that they consider the histories, social contexts, and theoretical frameworks for understanding the topics under discussion.

About EPSY 203


PSYC 496: Facilitating Intergroup Dialogue

Trained staff facilitators lead the courses with SJED who are students that serve as co-facilitators. If you are interested in being a SJED register for the Psychology 496: Section IDP: Intergroup Dialogue Processes course. This course is a 3-credit course. If you are a graduate student interested in co-teaching dialogue classes you should contact Teryl Brewster.

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