I-Journey Workshops


Students looking to the right and listening during a workshop session

I-Journey workshops are peer-developed, peer-led workshops covering a variety of topics. Facilitated by a pool of trained student facilitators, I-Journey workshops explore issues of social identity, exclusion/inclusion, and being an ally. Student facilitators meet with requestors to adapt, modify, or create a workshop to meet the needs of the specific groups.

Request a Workshop

We would love to work with you! Workshops should be requested two weeks in advance for full consideration.

Spring 2023 Workshops

  • A Campus Divided: Belonging at Illinois
    Examines feelings of belonging on our campus and community.
  • Bystander Intervention: Do You Have a Responsibility?
    Explores the benefits and challenges of bystander intervention and specific strategies you can use as a bystander.
  • Culture not Costume
    Explores the nuances of cultural appropriation vs. appreciation and ways to engage others in this conversation.
  • Enhancing Stereotype Awareness
    Explores the formation and perpetuation of stereotypes and how stereotypes affect our interactions with others.
  • Microaggressions in Everyday Life
    Sheds light on the subtleties of discrimination in everyday life and equips participants with a toolkit of solutions.

For more information email dsje@illinois.edu